Horizontal bar

Some Great exercises on Horizontal bar for building strength

In this day and age the routine of today’s people has been so governed by machines. It is because of this that they have saggy and weak body. That is now prone to diseases such as obesity, blood pressure, diabetes and back pains. These diseases are not that of a big deal. But if you did not solve the problem while these diseases are in their early stages you can make them a whole lot of complicated. It then can even lead to death. But You don’t have to worry as these can easily be treated in early stages without any kind of medicine.

Horizontal barThere are some exercises and one equipment that can keep these diseases away from your life. That device is a horizontal bar also called as a pull up bar. This is a very simple equipment that could easily be purchased from every sports shop. The price is also quite low and the quality normally is very great. If you have purchased it, then you can easily assemble it and fix in your home where ever you feel that it will work for you. This is the best equipment that can keep you fit and healthy. You also don’t have to give a lot of time to it as well. Just 5 to 10 minutes a day and you could not only have a disease free body but also an attractive one.

The exercise that a horizontal bar involves is pull up and chin up. Apart from these two exercises there are many variations that are added while performing these exercises. When you are engaged in these exercises, your many muscle groups will be targeted. The arms, chest, back muscles, hands, biceps, triceps, Lats, deltoids and your Pec muscles. Many trainers have ranked pull ups and chin ups as the best exercise for developing your Pec muscles in a very short period of time. This not only give it a desired shape, but also impart the required amount of strength. If you have this equipment in your home, you don’t really need to go to a gym and still you will be having a great body that everyone will admire.

The exercises done in a horizontal bar usually comes in the group of body weight exercises. These groups of exercises involve your body weight to develop your muscles. That’s why they are termed as the most safest exercise that anyone can do. But for some people who are carrying a shoulder injury should be doing it rather carefully as it can tear the shoulder muscle while doing this exercise in a wrong way.

If you have never used a horizontal bar before then you have to learn to use it. But you don’t have to worry, it is very easy to use. You only have to grip the bar and try to pull up. When you will start, let me be very straight forward, you won’t be able to pull yourself up. But if you are regular enough, then in just a week you will be able to perform full pull ups.