pull up bar workouts

Some basic pullup bar workouts that will transform your body

Often city parks, army bases state prisons and some church gyms have guys having large built, attractive cuts and curves. If you ever ask them of their workout routine with which they achieve this great body? You will be amazed to learn that this type of shape and muscles are obtained just by doing two very simple exercises i.e. pull-up and pushups. These trainings are the most easiest and basic to learn and master. If you are doing these exercises daily for a specific period of time, you will be able to have wide shoulders, thick backs, perfect six Abs, big chests and strong back. For these set of exercises you don’t have to hit the gym and can be done virtually anywhere.

pull up bar workoutsThese exercises are also called as body weight trainings. They don’t need any kind of heavy weights. They have very low impact on your body and if you are doing these exercises on a daily basis, then you have a very good chance of building great muscles. The biggest advantage of these exercises is that one don’t have to worry about any kind of injury that is liable in heavy weight training.

Pullup bar workouts are the best body weight trainings. It is because this exercise involves no weights, no equipments and provide lots of strength. If you want to obtain core strength, round shoulders, tight Abs and strong back, pull up bar is all you need. It usually is neglected in a gym, but is a perfect tool for obtaining strength in a minimum space and time.  Here are some of the workouts, follow these and have the dream body you always ever wanted.

Inverse Ladder:

This exercise involves both pull-up and push ups. But it is quite  systematic exercise that in a very specific manner acts on your particular muscles. You have to perform push ups and pull ups alternately. Starting from 10 pull-ups and one push up and then resting for about 30 seconds. After this you will have to do about 9 pull ups and 2 push ups followed by a 30 second rest. After this you will be decreasing the pull ups by one repetition and increasing push up by one repetition and go on till you reach up to 1 pull up and 10 push ups.

The negative Reps:

After completing the inverse ladder, then comes the negative reps. This is more focused to act on the upper back muscles. In this you will obtain a chin up position also called as a reverse grip. Using this grip you have to do about 6 to 8 repetitions of these negative reps. In order to make easy for you, place a box under your feet. And with the help of it reach up to the bar and slowly descend to your body upward making sure that your arms are straight. This exercise is the key here to provide you the ultimate strength as it provide you with strong shoulder blades and stable torso.  These pullup bar workouts are the ultimate exercise for your back, shoulder and abdominal muscles. It not only give them extra strength, but also prevent from chronic back and shoulder pains.