Pull ups: An Effective side fat burner

Having a protruding layer of fat on the sides is not a unique thing to have. A research in a famous journal has proved that more than half population of women in America are facing the problem of side stomach fat. This really is an exceptional statistic and a few eyebrows must have raised from this study. Many Dieticians claim that if you lower the intake of your calorie by dieting for some time and spending a little time in the gym will make you burn much more fat that you ever will.

What if we tell you that you don’t have to do such series of activities in order to be free from belly fat? There will be not a single inch of the fat layer on the front or even on the sides of your waist. This is very much possible and can be done easily without consuming much time. It is none other than the conventional pull-up. It is because this exercise imparts immense pressure on your abdominal muscles. Thus, you can reduce belly fat on sides using the pull ups in a most natural and easy way.

The side fat on your stomach is also known as love handles. This fat can be easy to eliminate as they are present under your skin. But if they are ignored, they can take shape of visceral fat that start to accumulate around your organs thus enhancing the chances of you to be prone to various diseases. But you would be happy to read it that if you give it proper attention you can reduce belly fat on sides in a very short period of time. This fatty condition if is not treated at the right time can actually make your muscles and bones very weak.

This fat in your midsection responds best to pull up. If you are performing this magical exercise for about 10-20 minutes involving just 20 repetitions a day you will be surprised to see that your protruding fat will be gradually cutting off. But if this exercise has been integrated with just two basic exercises such as plank position and squats. You will be seeing a new you as they will not only eliminate your fatty layer, but will provide you a strong body. These exercises are essential as they cut off your calorie thus aiding in a quick fat burn.

Pull ups can prove very effective for your back muscles as it will give it a perfect shape and strength that you always have desired. But if you are adding exercises such as wood chops, planks and Russian twists. You will not only be losing this extra fatty layer, but you will be leading towards excellent 6 pack abs that is a dream muscle of every man. Many people have used these exercises and have themselves seen the results that can be obtained from these wonderful training programs. Just by having a pull up bar you can increase your chances to develop abs muscles that otherwise can be very difficult to obtain.