Pull up bar routines for perfect abdominal muscles

Many people say that building abs are the most difficult as compared to train any other muscle in your body. Yes, it is! But only if you have, you layer of fat around your abdominal muscles. Developing abs muscles is difficult, but it is neither complicated and sure as hell not impossible at all. Here are some of the few exercises that if you perform regularly for about a month you will see that you are burning your fat and developing abs at the same time.  It can be done just by one piece of equipment and a few exercises that are very easy to perform.

Only incorporating a single piece of equipment and that is a free standing pull up bar you can give completely new dimension to your ab workout routine.  You only have to hang from a free standing bar. Though it may sound simple enough, but trust me it is as hardcore as it gets. It proves to be a substantial challenge to your abdominal muscles. It applies strong pressure on your hands, shoulders, and lots too. It is far more effective than just lying on the ground. It also gives you a strong grip and makes your abs and shoulder rock hard.

So here are a few exercises you can use a free standing pull up bar and can build impressive abs. These hardcore exercises will help you in giving a mighty core and a strong look and feel in your body.

Hanging Leg Raises:

This is the most basic move involving a free standing bar in training your abdominal muscles. You must master this exercise before performing any kind of variation.

How to do:

Strongly grip the free standing bar with the help of your hands, they must be wider than your shoulder and let your legs hang towards the floor. Keep your legs close to each other and then left them in such a way that they come toward your chest. Then slowly release your legs into that same position. Repeat the same procedure for about 10 repetitions in 3 sets. While indulged in this routine make sure that your body is not swinging as it can damage your back muscles.

Hanging Windscreen wiper:

This really looks a hard and brutal move. But in reality, with a free standing bar in your home, it might not be as scary as it looks. As soon you synced with this exercise it will become your most favorite one. It has the ability to give you the most out of any other abdominal exercise workout.

How to do:

Get into a position of a dead hang while having a wide distance between your hands. Now lift your legs in such a way that your feet are above the bar. Now bring your feet close together and take them to one side at 90o. Then bring them back to the center and take them to the other side at the same angle.  This will put immense pressure in your core region and will give you strength and shape to your abs.