A Perfect V shaped back: Exercise bar is the secret

Pull up is one of the meanest and toughest exercises you will ever experience. This type of exercise uses no weights, but use your body as the weight to transform your muscles. This is such a kind of training regime that many people will shy using it. Pull up has the ability to target various muscle groups and not only strengthen them, but give them the desired shape as well. But you would not be able to transform your muscle group just with easy and few sets.  It is because each muscle needs specific pressure and training to reach its optimum strength and growth. If you are disturbed of your back pains and want to get rid of these pains, then Pull ups are the complete solution to this problem. They not only eliminate the pain but give them the strength and shape you always had dreamed of.

If you want your back to have a picture perfect tapered-V look try this horizontal exercise bar training regimen. This training program only requires pull ups, it is categorized as a closed kinetic chain exercise in which the effort generated by you is used to move your body. It is very safe, more effective and functional that can give you better results in a natural way. These exercises use your own strength to train your muscle groups. These training programs are safe as they do not jeopardize your joints as not much stress and pressure is applied to them.  This insane training program is meant to attack each and every muscle in your back region. Here in this article, you will see that there are various variations that one can use horizontal exercise bar. There are various grips and hand positions that you can exploit ad can develop your back muscles in a natural and a safe method.

Here are the exercises that you can indulge an exercise bar and not only build up back muscles but keep the deadly back aches.

Rocky pull ups:

This is an intermediate exercise that can effectively work on your lats. It can not only provide your back with immense strength but make your spine in such a position that it can avoid any kind of back pain.

How to:

First of all, grab the pull up bar in such a way that your palms are facing towards in a forward direction. Now lift your torso and while going up and make sure that your upper chest touches the bar. While going up the body is directed in a somehow forward direction.

Clap pull ups:

This pull-up is the same as any other normal pull up routine performed using an exercise bar. It is done when the person has mastered the art of the pull-up. It is done quickly.  It not only works on your back region but targets your shoulders, biceps and forearms.

How to:

Grab the pull-up bar with a wide grip, then pull your body up while keeping your chest even and as soon you reach the bar go above it and make a clap. Then come back in the same position and repeat the same procedure.